UTFAQ is a government registered Non-Profit Organization(NPO) originated from a student club at the University of Toronto. Our name stands for the abbreviation of “University of Toronto Frequently Asked Questions and Answers”. We aim at assisting international students who are desiring to participate in university life both on campus and off campus yet they face a lack of practical information. Started from 2014, we have hosted dozens of information sessions, orientations and other events to help current students, especially freshman to maximize their experience at U of T. As our name stated, we have been listening to students’ needs all the time and managing to provide answers to the most concerned questions as best as we can.

Our Mission

To provide the most useful and up-to-date information, our editor group have published a variety of high-quality articles on our website and modify existed articles periodically to ensure the accuracy. Besides of writing articles, we also forward authorized articles from other student clubs to guarantee that our handpicked topics cover every aspects of students’ campus life. Our offline activities include orientation, information session, tax declaration etc. Combined with publishing online articles and organizing offline activities , we try every effort to eliminate informational asymmetry for students who are new to university life and Canadian cultures.


Our achievements since establishment in 2014:

  1. Published 102 articles, including series such as “U of T Course Introduction”, “Freshman Survival Guide ”, etc.
  2. Total hits of our website broke 340,000 in 2017 (Highest daily hits: 3219. Highest hits of a single page: 16,659).
  3. Hold orientations, information sessions, and offline activities every year.
  4. The number of active members reached 42 in 2017.